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Pour Paris – et pour le monde

There are times when this world fills me with warmth and love I cannot measure. Today, I am unfortunately filled with an equal amount of sadness and despair. I feel I am at a loss for what to do with my empathy for Paris.

I am not at a loss for words, however.

We need to stop hurting one another. We need to stop fighting. The knee-jerk reaction to put down the rabid dog is not quite the path I believe we should be on. We are expected to react with additional violence and hatred. That’s what keeps this particular machine running. The cycle has to break. If you grow up in an abusive home because your parent grew up in an abusive home and you raise your children in an abusive home, what good comes from that? None. You have to be conscious of what is happening around you, to you, and with you in order to make the effort of cutting out that negative pattern.

We do NOT need to close our borders. We should NOT condemn Muslims. Caution and intelligence – not fear and prejudice – are what will triumph if we put them to use. We should embrace one another and, while we must stand strong against terrorism, remember that an eye for an eye will blind us before we even begin. Let us be just but kind; strong but tender. We must be the ones to promote tolerance and acceptance if we ever hope to receive that in return. Be the change you want to see in the world, treat others the way you want to be treated. All those clichés exist in truth.

Let me be absolute in my stance: ANY amount of intolerance is WHY this shit happens. Terrorists and extremists are not refugees, they are not any proper representation of the religion they claim; they are nothing but terrorists/extremists. That is the beginning and the end of their description. Stop letting them pit us against one another.

To that end, there is nothing wrong with praying for Paris if that is your inclination. My personal qualms with religion have no place here. We cannot simply pray in the stead of taking action (be that donating your time or money to help, speaking out in support, etc.), but we should also not jump to condemn those sending positive thoughts (which is what prayer amounts to) to those most directly impacted by yesterday’s attacks.

I am not saying no action should be taken. I’m not saying we should cuddle ISIS until they fart rainbows and turn into Care Bears. But any blind approach to the world is no approach at all. A revolution is long overdue and it is my hope that we start that path on the right foot and not the same one that has lead us to where we stand now.